Hello Peoples

Apologies for the delay between posts,  last week just got away from me and before I know I the weekend was here again with me not posting a thing…oops!

Today’s Mani Monday I am showing you the first of the polishes from the May Diva’s and Drag Queens themed What’s in-die box

I couldn’t decide which polish to wear first, they are all so lovely, so I brought out the big guns and let my 4-year-old choose 🙂 And he chose the orange one. Now orange is not my favourite colour, and probably would have been the last one I wore, but I have been loving how bright and cheerful my nails are with this colour. 

My name is fabulous is from Hollish Polish, a lovely neon orange with warm gold/orange/pink holo. So pretty!. the Formula was lovely, not too thick or thin, no streaking and dried pretty quickly between coats. 3 coats is pictured and there is still a tiny bit of visible nail line, but only if you look closely. 

Mani Monday - my middle name is fabulous from hollish polishI think I’m going to have to check out more of the Hollish Polish range. 

Now to decide which colour comes next 🙂