Hello Wonderful people

Hope you are having a fabulous day.This is so late in coming, but I actually have some energy to sit down and write a blog post, so here I am!

Sydney Glamour Affair was held on the 20th of June in the lovely Daniel San Beachside Dojo in Manly, just across the road from Manly Beach.  As I live in Sydney’s west, it was a bit of a hike in for me, taking me over 2 hours to get there via public transport (Train, bus and ferry), but it was worth it. 

Beautiful Day on Sydney Harbour
Public transport may be a bitch, but at least it was a beautiful day on the harbour

It was great meeting other fellow bloggers, though me being the introvert that I am, I didn’t talk to as many as I wanted to. There were presentation from bioderma with fabulous makeup artist Shella Martin (@shellarubymartin) giving us a demonstration in using skincare with/as makeup, Boe beauty telling is about the new Boe Professional range, an introduction to Rosehip plus, and a luscious smelling demo from the Lush girls, and much more. 

my Glamour affair place card

I wish I had gotten more photos, but the gorgeous bright view out onto manly beach had a bit too much glare for my camera phone to get any good shots. If you want to see some fabulous photos from the day check out the glamour affair Instagram account @glamour_affair, or check out the hashtag #glamouraffair.

I had a great time, and of course was able to take home some fabulous goodies, which almost broke my back on the way home there was so much. 

So far I have hardly touched it any of it, but I have looked over all the makeup products we received and I am eager to get stuck into some of it, now that my first trimester funk has passed. 

Rimmel gifted us some lovely products, I am especially excited about those gorgeous vampy lipstick shades, 

Rimmel products - Glamour Affair
Rimmel London

The Mary Kay Products, are so pretty, and came with a lovely makeup bag, love the colours of the nail polish and the eyeshadows, and the Lip cream I have received before in a beauty box (lust have it I think) but in a different colour. And how gorgeous  does that powder compact look.

Mary Kay - Glamour Affair
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Boe Beauty have some lovely products for such an affordable brand, so many new lip products to try!

Boe Beauty products from Glamour Affair
Boe Beauty

ah benefit, a brand I covet, but do not buy, mostly as I am stingy, and there no counter close to me at all. We received one of their not yet released (at the time) new they’re real push up coloured liners, mine is brown, and a sample of the porefessional license to blot powder and they’re real mascara

Benefit products from Glamour Affair

I love Shanghai Suzy lipsticks, and when I saw these I almost squealed in joy. This is the fairly new released gothic chic collection, that I wanted to try. Was funny as I was getting ready to go to Glamour Affair, and umming and ahhing about what lipstick to wear, my other half jokingly asks me if I had gold. Well  ha!, now I do 🙂

Shanghai Suzy - Glamour Affair
Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

And a few other makeup related items, including a makeup bag with products from a brand called Glamaffair, a face of australia lipstick, a momma lipstick and a revo lip balm and an eyelash and eyebrow tinting kit from 100 hour to name a few.
Various other makeup bits from glamour affair

And that was just the makeup!. I will dedicate a whole other post to the skin care and hair care items. But here is a sneak peek of the whole goody bag/s.


So I am going to be busy trying all these lovely new products. If there anything in particular you want to have a closer look at, swatches etc, let me know in the comments below!