Ohh, haven’t done one of these in a while have I. Naughty beauty blogger. 

Painting my nails unfortunately has been one of those things that I have been slack with lately. I think I had bare nails for 3 weeks, the longest since I started this blog. 

So, I was desperate to paint my nails again, and after buying a few new polishes I actually put aside some time to do it. 
I was in the mood for blue so I chose the Mary Kay Polish I received in my Glamour Affair gift bag called Blue Lotus Such a pretty pale blue creme, always love this kind of blue. The formula was lovely with only 2 coats required for full opacity, and minimal cleanup necessary. 

Mani Monday - Blue and Silver
Mary Kay – Blue Lotus

Me being me, just one colour/texture is not enough so I layered a silver/holo glitter over the top. A new purchase of mine needed to me used, from the newer iconic collection from face of Australis called glitz and glam, it is full of tiny holos, larger hexes and irregular shaped shards. No fishing required to get a good mix of glitters on the nails. 

Mani Monday - Blue and Silver
Mary kay Blue Lotus with Face of Australia Glitz and Glam

Blue and silver is always a pretty combo and i loved how this turned out. 

What’s your favourite colour to wear on your nails in spring?