Hello All

The theme for this month’s What’s In-die box was my Little Pony, and i couldnt resist. 

I’m a little old to have watched the show when i was a kid, but my son loves it (and here’s hoping saying that won’t come back to bite me in 10 years). He loves watching the tv series, and movies, and though he insists he doesn’t want one of the toys, he can still name all the ponies and their cutie marks πŸ™‚ It’s so cute. 

Below is the inspiration pic for this months box from What’s In-die Box’ Instagram page. And if you haven’t yet received your box and still want it to remain a surprise please don’t read any further!

So from above I knew the box would be gorgeous, but when is it not ?

Onto the polish, and as usual i will let the photos do most of the talking.I am still learning my new camera and trying to find the best lighting so I couldn’t pick up all the lovely holo and sparkles from these, so hopefully will get some better picks as i wear them, so keep an eye on my Instagram.  All Swatches are 2 coats. 

What's In-die Box - November 2015 My Little Pony

Rarity by Petal Polish

This is a lovely white polish with a purple/pink flash, very hard for the camera to capture but so pretty in real life.

Rarity by Petal Polish

Pinkie Pie by Shades of Phoenix

Lovely bright pink with lots of tiny pink glitters. has a bit of a textured finish, but nothing that a good top coat wouldn’t fix, if you wanted to. 

Pinkie Pie by Shades of Pheonix
Pinkie Pie

Sparkles by Bella Belle Nail Couture

A lovely purple and holo base with lots of different coloured glitters. 

Sparkles by Bella Belle Nail Couture

Pepperdance by Lilypad Lacquer

This is one pony I had never seen before. This is a lovely Coral Red with a subtle shimmer to it. 

Pepperdance by Lilypad Lacquer

Rainbow Dash by Peitas Polish

Such a gorgeous blue with a linear holo. 

Rainbow Dash by Peitas Polish
Rainbow Dash

Another 5 gorgeous polishes, and i think they fit the theme really well. Looking forward to wearing them all.

The Theme for the December box is Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Should be Interesting, check out the What’s In-die Box Instagram page (@whatsindiebox) for the clues.

To buy go to http://www.whatsindiebox.com, December Pre-orders are available for $65 plus postage and will close on Saturday the 28th of November at 5pm Sydney Time.