Wow, I can’t believe it is only 7 weeks (give or take) until I have a brand new baby at home. Exciting and scary all at the same time. I know I have done this before, but it was over 5 years ago ,and I have forgotten pretty much everything. 🙂

Things are definitely getting uncomfortable, my feet are perpetually swollen, and will remain so until a few months after bubs is born if last time is anything to judge by. Walking around for extended periods I am getting slower and slower, and on hot days, of which there have now been quite a few of, including a few days of 40+ degrees, all i want to do is sleep, thankfully I was able to sit them out inside in the relative cool of our air conditioning. 

According to my pregnancy app, bubs is now around 2kg and about 44 cm long. So still quite a bit of growing to do yet in the next 7 weeks if my first is anything to go by, as he was 3.4kg and 52cm long. 

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I am now seeing the OB’s in the clinic fortnightly, to make sure everything keeps sailing smoothly in regards to my blood pressure. And I have another ultrasound next week to check out bub’s growth and am looking forward to getting to see bubs again. At my last checkup he was transverse (sideways), and there was talk of an ECV, to manually try to turn bubs and booking in a c-section. Judging by the movement i’m feeling lately, I think he has flipped himself over all by himself though and now has his head pointing in the right direction, I will find that out at my next check up. I have my fingers crossed that he has because I am hoping to avoid a c-section if I can. 

As for the preparation, I think I am just about done. All the furniture is bought and put together, the curtains are up there are just a few small bits and pieces I need to get to finish off the nursery, things like storage baskets, and a laundry hamper and nappy buckets. When I have everything done the way I want it, I will definitely post a nursery tour, because I am quite proud of how it has turned out. I even did a tutorial on the fabric basket liners I made for the nursery if you haven’t seen it already. 

I think that’s about it? Oh only 2 more weeks of work left for me, which equates to 4 more days, then annual leave before the maternity leave kicks in. Looking forward to having a bit of a break, well as much as one can when heavily pregnant and with a 5 year old around. 

Hope you all have a fabulous day, and i’ll try and do another update before the new year.