I’m Back!

After a few weeks hiatus after having bubs, I’m slowly getting my energy back, and a little bit of free time to start blogging again. I’m easing myself back into it with an easy review of the January Lust Have It Bag. 

Lust Have It are still a little behind, with the January box arriving a few days into February, but with such great contents, I’ll forgive them. 

Lust Have It - January 2016

Unani Micellar Water – full size ($22.50)
I like micellar water’s, they work well for me in removing makeup before doing a thorough cleanse. Unani is a brand I have never heard of, and this micellar water has a scent, which most don’t. Will see how it goes. 

Hikari blush – Full size ($21.00)
Always love receiving full size makeup items. Hikari has popped up a few times in LHI and other beauty subscriptions, and I am always pleased with he products. I received a the colour bikini which is a lovely peachy pink with a little bit of a shimmer to it. So pretty!

Skinyoga almond orange face scrub – 5g sample ($2.50)
Another new brand for me, first thing to say, I loooove the packaging for these products, with the scrub in a little glass bottle with a cork, and then in a cut little wooden box. It is all natural and has a nice short ingredients list too, with almond and orange to cleanse and repair the skin.

Skinyoga sandalwood saffron face mask – 5g Sample ($2.50)

Again with the cute packaging, and another all natural product that I look forward to trying. This face mask is geared toward reducing the signs of ageing and making the skin more radiant, all you have to do is add a little bit of water. 

Hikari lip crayon – full size ($18.00)
I think I have received another of these lip crayons in a previous bag, will have to go back and check, but if so it was a different colour. The one I received is called macchiato and is an orange leaning brown. It is nicely pigmented, applies easily but is not too slippy, I like it!. 

I am very happy with this month’s bag, 3 full size products, 2 of them makeup, and 2 very cute samples to try. Total retail value came to around $70.

Hope you have a fabulous day!



If you would like to subscribe to Lust Have It, check out their website at www.lusthaveit.com.au and use the code PPolish1 at checkout to receive $5 off your first box

* The Lust Have it Women’s Box was generously supplied for my consideration, and has been reviewed according to the disclosure policy