The Lust Have It – June 2016 bag has the theme of Winter Skincare.  They have included  4 moisturising skin care samples and 1 makeup item. I will say I was a little disappointed this month, but only because I don’t get as excited over skincare as I do with makeup and pretty colour products. 

Edgy Tempting Cosmetics eyeliner pen – Full size ($15)

I’ll start with the only makeup item. Edgy tempting is a brand I have never heard of so good to see a new brand. It is called an eyeliner pen, but it looks more like a pencil to me. I received the colour grey blue, it is a lovely slate gray, with maybe a hint of blue in it. Feels like a lovely pencil to give a sharper line and it is not too smudgy. 

Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes – sample size ($2.20)

These are my favourite makeup remover wipes, so I am always happy to receive these. They are great at removing my makeup and don’t sting, or make my skin feel tight afterwards, plus they have a lovely scent. 

Neutrogena Deep clean gentle scrub – 15ml sample ($1.56)

I have used this scrub before and it’s a pretty good product, it uses BHA’s to help give a deep clean. Nothing truly exciting for me.

Sasy n Savy peppermint and rosemary revive bath n shower gel – 30ml Sample ($4.20)

Sasy N Savy is an Australian brand that make natural skincare and wellbeing products. Not a new brand, as I have seen in previous boxes/bags. Seems quite pricey, but the shower gel smells lovely and I look forward to using it. 

Paula’s Choice intensive wrinkle repair retinol serum – 7ml sample ($13.00)

This is the product I am most excited to see. I am already in love with the Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliant. This is, as the name states, a retinol serum to help repair wrinkles and sun damage, build skin firming collagen and reduce dark spots. I am looking forward to seeing if it works as I need all of those features. 

And…that was it. All up the total retail value came to $36, a bit less than usual. It is still worth more than what you pay for the bag though, and as always you get the mesh makeup bag as well. 



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* The Lust Have it Women’s Box was generously supplied for my consideration, and has been reviewed according to the disclosure policy

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